Fishing and Fashion in Finland

Finland is a land of contrasts; four seasons, the Midnight Sun and the winter darkness, urban and rural, East and West.

At first glance the country seems to be almost unhabitated, covered in a endless carpet of forest with dark blue lakes in between. A tenth of the country is made up of bodies of water. Almost a third of the population fishes in their free time.

On closer inspection there’s small towns scattered around, and the larger cities such as the capital Helsinki are impressively modern and effecient.
But perhaps the most impressive is the Finnish nature, with the truly amazing different seasons. Four times a year, nature changes its uniform completely; colour, light, temperature, sound and smell.
forest finland

The Finns are considered to be a bit quiet and reserved. However, they are actually warm, friendly, hospitable and especially honest people once you get to know them. Probably the best way to visit Finland is to hire a cabin, buy your freshly baked rye bread in the morning in town, go for a swim in the lake, before lunch in the garden. See more on
Finland has a growth of young Finnish designers, who combine Finnish traditions with their own unique visions of the future. The trademark for Finnish fashion is pure and clear forms, with nature as an endless source of inspiration combined with a focus on individualism and a sustainable production. These are core values shared by the Scandinavian countries.

The dresses seen below are made from vintage fabric, upcycled into retro pinafore girls dresses. As with the colourful soft cotton children’s clothing, as seen above, it’s all made by the finnish designer Tanyasum.
retro upcycled girls dressretro flower dressOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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