Leopold & Livia AW13 to exhibit at Bubble London

Leopold & Livia is a brand new Sedish children’s fashion brand, exhibiting at Bubble London for the very first time 27th – 28th January 2013. The brand features gorgeous, romantic styles for sophisticated young ladies. A modern luxury brand for girls up to age 8, with a focus on exquisite quality and beautiful design, created in Gothenburg, Sweden. leopoldandlivia.com





For each collection we are diving into the world of dreams, in search of a time lost.
Like little precious treasures, our memories are. Fleeting moments, like whispers of nostalgia.
Our inspiration could be a feeling, a thought, an impression… capturing memories of a time long ago but still very present. Memories of echoing school corridors, ladybug crawling on our hand,
chilly early mornings walking over velvety grass, glittering, sprinkled with dew at dawn like crystals… swallows leaving their nests for a while, leaves falling, crystallized frost making pattern on the leaves,
the smell of warmth,
smell of rain,
the smell of longing.



© Leoplod & Livia Autumn Winter 2013

Leoplod & Livia will also be exhibiting their AW13 collection at CIFF kids 31th January to 3rd of February 2013.

Afternoon tea at clivedenhouse.co.uk
Afternoon tea at Fortnum & Maison
Tea set at the Wallace Collection

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