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Both the Scandinavian Dad and I have as long as we can remember spend each Sunday outdoors with the family. At breakfast you’ll prepare packed lunch (sandwiches, a thermos with toddy, a bottle of water and some fruit) and then quickly head out to enjoy the day in a nearby forest or mountain area. As I child I can remember finding it boring, especially as a teenager, the endless walk. Because you do walk for hours, have lunch and then walk back. The entire Sunday will be spend in fresh air, regardless of weather conditions. If it’s snow you’ll go cross country skiing.
But most of all it created not only a base for a healthy and active lifestyle, it also left us with some wonderful childhood memories. With the birth of our first daughter we were quiet eager to take her out on Sundays too, exactly like our parents once did. First in a baby carrier, and as soon as she would be able to walk a bit on her own, we would all be by foot. Of course with toddler in tow you need to cut down on the distance and bring a few more grapes as encouragement. For the adults the feeling of tiredness and that you’ve actually achieved something by the end of the day is such an indescribable experience of wellness. And not to mention that it gives you so much energy for the coming week.
Moving to London meant a big change in our lifestyle in so many ways. But one part we were not prepared to give up was our Sunday walks. So when looking for a new home a nearby green area was important to us. To enjoy our Sundays walks.
The nearby park is accessible, it free and provides as much fresh air as you’d like. And when there’s no lakes to cross or mountains to climb, there’s always the jungle gym at the playground. And with the birds singing and the deers grassing peacefully when you walk by one would be forgiven to forget that you are in the middle of Europes largest city and that a new busy week lies ahead.

Outdoors activities is of course depending on the nature surrounding us, wether it is green city parks, lakes, forest or wild mountains. When I see friends pictures from a Sunday spent in gorgeous snowy mountain scenery I’m always a bit jealous. But then again, we have other opportunities in London. What outdoor activity do you enjoy with the family where you live?

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  1. We love to all spend time outdoors and when we lived in the Highlands we had a wealth of places to go. We’ve just moved to London and are trying to find new places, so thank you for reafirming that they’re out there! Our twins are 26 months, that awkward stage where they’re too big for the buggy and too small to walk very far. I’m desperately looking forward to days when we can go for those long boring walks that they’re going to hate again!

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