Elsa Beskow Calendar 2013 A year with magical and special moments

Elsa Beskow books were inspired by her own childhood experiences, as well as those of her six children. Central themes illustrated are an active, curios and independent childhood with lots of imaginative play. Visualising fond memories we all can relate to. The Elsa Beskow Calendar 2013, in a beautiful high quality finish, includes some of Beskows finest work, from Around the Year, The Sun Egg, Peter’s Old House, Aunt Green Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender, Princess Sylvie, The Land of Long Ago, Peter and Lotta’s Adventure, (my favourite) The Flowers’ Festival, Christopher’s Harvest Time, Peter in Blueberry Land, Woody Hazel and Little Pip and Peter and Lotta’s Christmas. Dimensions 30x30cm.
This is a nostalgic and beautiful calendar for any family home, ready for a year of magical and special moments.
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Elsa Beskow’s picture books have been known and loved for over a century. This month to view calendar is beautifully illustrated with seasonal artwork from Elsa Beskow. The main US, UK and Swedish public holidays are marked.
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5 thoughts on “Elsa Beskow Calendar 2013 A year with magical and special moments

  1. I love Elsa Beskow’s writing and illustrations. I am collecting the books for my little granddaughter.

  2. Enig Elisabeth. Det har jeg også. Denne kalenderen er utrolig fin, med bl.a. bildet fra Rosen som tar i mot gjestene. Et av mine favoritt bilder fra Blomsterfesten. x

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