Get into the Christmas Spirit in Helsinki

Recently we came across JouluJoulu, a blog dedicated to share Christmas inspiration. The blogger behind the ‘All things Christmas’ blog, Silvia de Vries, has lived in Finland and experienced the Nordic Christmas celebration first hand. This is something she’s keen to share on

We’ve asked Silvia, who recently went for a trip to Helsinki, if she could share some Nordic Christmas spirit with us.

Silvia from the JouluJoulu Blog about Helsinki during Christmas
Helsinki is a slice of Nordic heaven, a compact city, with lots of wonderful things to do. Especially now that Christmas is around the corner. I visited Helsinki a couple of weeks ago and I had a look around to see what’s new and happening this Winter.

The lights of the big tree on Senate Square have been lit, the streets are decorated with holly and lights. Christmas is near and you can see it all around you on the streets of Helsinki. But there is one place that beats it all: Stockmann’s Christmas window. I’ve seen many of them in my lifetime, but this years is by far the prettiest I’ve seen.

© Christmas window display at Stockmann Department Store, Helsinki. Photo by Silvia de Vries.

Helsinki’s oldest house, Sederholm house built in 1757, is now a museum for children. It’s called ‘Children’s Town’ and it certainly is! The house is ruled by children, us grown ups are only there to visit. There are so many things to do and to see. The kids can play, make art, perform on stage and do many other things. You can also visit the museum’s Grandpa & Grandma who ‘live’ in a 1970’s decorated home. I’ve been and I loved everything about this museum! Admission is free.

© Children’s Town, Helsinki. Photo by Silvia de Vries.

Stores, stores, everywhere. And ones for Children to. There are so many good and cute children’s stores to be found on the streets of Helsinki. Filled with nice clothing and toys. But I can only name a few, so I’ll share my favorites. Here goes:
Zicco Frederikinkatu 18 – Virkkukoukkunen Eerikinkatu 10 – Punavuoren Peikko, Uudenmaankatu 15

© Shopping in Helsinki. Photo by Silvia de Vries.

Thank you Silvia, for sharing some great ideas on what to see and do in Helsinki! I’ve only been once, when Little B was 3 months old. All I can remember was lots of snow and ice cold temperatures, great shopping with desirable design shops on every corner and arguably some of my best restaurant experience ever. Would love to go again!

Silvia is a journalist and copywriter based in Amsterdam. In addition to JouluJoulu she also has the blog

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