I Dig Denim AW12 – Little B’s favourite pair of jeans!

So during the weekend or on the occasional non uniform day at school, there’s only one brand that counts for Little B age 11; I Dig Denim. Her absolute favourite pair is the I dig Denim Rio black 5 pocket style jeggings, made in a 100% heavy cotton with stretch. Little B tells me the pair is incredible soft and comfortable and they look cool. After a couple of times in the wash I asked Little B if they had changed. “Yeah… They’re clean!” Now, I need to check out more styles from I Dig Denim, as B “lives in” her pair when not in school uniform.
Here’s a pic from Primrose Hill on a windy but sunny Sunday -in her favorite jeans! She’s also wearing the beautiful heavy knit I Dig Denim Amarillo 100% wool jumper, underneath her winter jacket. Snug and warm in style, according to our tween.

This is the Scandinavian brand for children up to age 12 that dig denim and cool clothes in a simple Nordic style. idigdenim.se

© I Dig Denim Aw12

Oh and did I mention I have a 7 year old that dig her pair of I Dig Denim Madison Chinos… This brand is addictive!

2 thoughts on “I Dig Denim AW12 – Little B’s favourite pair of jeans!

  1. The favourite part is probably the comfort! And regardless of how much you sit down and bend your knees these will stay in shape!

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