Traditional Scandinavian Gingerbread House Inspiration

Baking a Gingerbread House is a December tradition in the Little Scandinavian household. We would gather the family around 2 weeks before Christmas, for a baking and decorating session. The finished result will then be on display in the Kitchen throughout the festive period before brutally ending it’s days 3rd day of Christmas by being smashed (yes, with a hammer) into pieces by Dad and then eaten by the children. A fun tradition, that the children very much look forward to.

Here’s a bit of inspiration on Scandinavian style Gingerbread Houses

© Photo 1 Swedish Gingerbread house by Martha Stewart. Photo 2. Gingerbread House by Cox and Cox

When hosting a Christmas Party, why not surprise your guests with these decorative tiny Gingerbread house that perches on the rim of your guests mug? See the DIY tutorial here:

© Not Martha blog

Some more Gingerbread house inspiration here
And you’ll find our best recipe on Gingerbread dough here.

10 thoughts on “Traditional Scandinavian Gingerbread House Inspiration

  1. Me too! I will have a go at the mug version! Can’t wait to impress my friends with my baking (for once… )!

  2. Me too. Not sure my result will be posted on the bog, unless theScandiavianDad assists. I’m far from a domestic goddess and end up having to show other peoples work. 😉

  3. This is our Gingerbread House from last year – very over done IMO by my little ones with sweets but they loved making and eating it!!

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