Ronia the Swedish literary and film Heroine – The Original BRAVE

As a child I used to read about and watch the various of Astrid Lindgren characters, one of my favourite being Ronja Røverdatter (Ronia the Robber’s Daughter). Ronia lives with her father, who is a robber, her mother and the father’s gang of robbers in a robbers castle in the middle of the deep forrest in Sweden. Then by coincidence she meets Birk, the son of her father’s arch rival. She befriends Birk and there’s an instantly connection and a strong relationship between the two children develops. This friendship upsets her father so much that Ronia need to show to decide, is she willing to go against her father and move into the woods among witches and trolls just to be with her best friend?

I find similarities with the story about Ronja Røverdatter with the recent animated film, Brave. Both featuring a young heroine prepared to go her own ways. See the film trailer for Ronja Røverdatter (From 1984)

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