Nordic Christmas Home Decor with Oi Soi Oi

Oi Soi Oi is Vietnamese for “goodness gracious me!” And goodness gracious me -isn’t this Scandinavian style Christmas decoration exactly what you were looking for?! We love, in the shades of purple and chocolate; the simple and rustic wooden reindeer, the soft fabric Christmas tree decoration and the gorgeous purple velvet cushions and throw.

© Oi Soi Oi Christmas Collection 2012

Oi Soi Oi was founded by Britt Goodall and Christina Thorbøll in 2007, with its head office in Denmark. Oi Soi Oi sustainable designs is made in Vietnam by family-run workshops, inspired by Vietnam’s cultural surroundings combined with a sleek Nordic style. Visit for more inspiration and to shop online.

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