How to create a Nordic Christmas home in purple, gold and white

A little inspiration on how to decorate your home in a Nordic Christmas style. Achieve that sleek Scandinavian look with a fairytale atmosphere by combining purple, gold and white; Raw silk fabrics, reindeer fur and shiny gold. Throw in a bit of unspoilt nature and a scent of cinnamon -and your home should be all ready for the festivities of December.

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This home belongs to a Danish Interior shop owner, Dorte Hertz. She believes it’s important to start create a Christmas home early, as December tends to be so busy and before you know it Christmas came and left. She recommends decorating in November and then fully enjoy some quality time with the family during Advent. “Christmas is all about being together with your loved ones. In Scandinavia Christmas is very traditional and what’s most important is gathering the family” says Dorte. She’s the mother of four and owner of interior and design store Magnifique in Holte, north of Copenhagen.
The shop features brands like Day Home, Tine K, Oi Soi Oi and Nordal in addition to vintage finds.

2 thoughts on “How to create a Nordic Christmas home in purple, gold and white

  1. What a beautiful home! I aspire to such a lovely, clean, white interior, but my family are far too messy… Also trying to decide whether or not to buy a reindeer rug – a local shop sells them and I do love them, but I was a bit put off by the bullet mark on it!

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