Light up the darkness with design candleholder by Holmegaard

Did you know that in Scandinavia we would call this time of the year “Mørketiden” (dark time). Because it’s less sun during the day, this the time for “hygge” and “mys” indoors, meaning enjoying lighting candles and gathering our families around a hearty stew or with serve a cup of a hot drink in front of a crackling fireplace.

Design with Light by Holmegaard presents beautiful glass designs for your candlelight moments, perfect for both indoors and outdoors use. Maria Berntsen’s lanterns make lovely living light additions to any room, balcony or garden patio. The lit candles brings light and life wherever the lamps are placed and the leather strap makes the lanterns an active utility that can easily be moved from place to place. The circular hole is hand formed by craftsmen making each piece unique.

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This beautiful seasonal favourite is a Holmegaard Lantern, available in 3 sizes, this one being the large (29cm tall) in frosty glass. Also available in clear, as shown below. And they look even better when placed together in a group.

And talking about the darkness and light. During the winter we turn the clock back to be most active during daylight hours, and to save electricity.
Did you know that altering the clocks was first proposed by Ben Franklin, and was taken up by London builder William Willett? When Germany began using this time change to save energy in World War 1, England followed suit, with the first day being May 21, 1916. The US joined in on March 19, 1918.

Did you remember to turn the clock back last night?

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