ChillNorway, a small fashion company in growth

Chill Norway are celebrating 5 years anniversary this year, with a successful Norwegian fashion brand. Picked up by celebrities like Rihanna, in addition to an enormous success in their home country, Chill Norway are looking to grow and expand further.

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The company was started in 2007 by the sisters Nanna Gaarud and Line Gaarud Houge, and and Lines husband Thomas Houge, with the aim to make feminine and sporty womenswear. A children’s line were soon added and became equally popular.
Chill Norway have experienced a growth, even through recession, by keeping figures realistic and taking necessary steps to ensure the future of the brand. One of the strengths of the company is due to its small size they can turn around quickly and adapt to market changes and needs. According to Houge the Chill Norway team has so far had lots of fun along the way although perhaps encountered a few sleepless nights. But the hard work is paying off, and customers, especially in Sweden and Finland seems to love the brand. Don’t know the brand? We’ll it’s been featured here and you can visit

To minimise risk ChillNorway have chosen to move production from Asia to Europe, although margins are smaller. In the current economical climate it’s probably more important than ever to emphasise on a sustainable growth. ChillNorway are also focusing on building the brand and being recognised for quality and comfortable clothes.
Within the coming years there’s a planned opening of new stores in Scandinavia and Germany.

ChillNorway Girls collection Autumn Winter 2012

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