The 2013 IKEA Catalogue is here!

The new 2013 IKEA Catalogue is finally here! Actually I haven’t received mine yet, but I borrowed a friends that got hers last week. And I’ve been eagerly flicking through, not only for inspiration but also for necessities. You might remember if you follow this blog, but the Little Scandinavian family have recently moved house. And with a new home comes the need for practical storage solutions, functional pieces of furniture that affordable still in a sleek Scandinavian style.

Love or hate Ikea but it’s hard to avoid the Swedish furniture giant when you want to make an home improvement.

So Ikea is emphasising this year to renew your home with textiles! In the current economical climate it’s important to keep a safe budget and what better way than buying a cushion instead of an entire new sofa?!

In the children’s Ikea there’s new educational and decorative toys, colourful and textiles in various forms and shapes -and as usual excellent storage systems to avoid chaos in the child’s bedroom and also functional furniture like desks, beds and wardrobes. They also have a great selection for the babies first room as well as a separate section dedicated the youth room.

If you have not received the new IKEA catalogue 2013 by 15th September you can pick up a copy from your local IKEA store.

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