Back to School – healthy ideas for School Lunch

School dinners are not always the most tempting option and your child might want to have packed lunch instead. So what do you prepare for your little one to enjoy at School? Here are some easy to make, Scandinavian style back to school menus, recipes and ideas. Please share your best ideas with us too, by leaving a comment below.

© Retro owl lunch box and water bottle by Blafre Design.

Here’s a small selection of what children in Scandinavia may find when they open their lunch box at school.

Cheese and salami wrap. Tortilla wrap with soft cream cheese, salami and sliced cucumber. Or use the leftovers from yesterdays dinner with some salad in the wrap.

Potato Salad. Boiled and diced potatoes with mayonnaise and sour cream, apple in dices, chopped spring onion and sweet peppers. Add boiled eggs, salami, chicken or sausage. Rye bread on the side.

Ham and apple Sandwich. Multigrain bread with lettuce, honey roast ham and thinly sliced apples.

Pasta salad with hard cheese cubes, streaky bacon in dices and sweet peas. All together infused in extra virgin olive oil and a dash of mustard mixed together -and lots of your child’s favourite herb. Served with fresh slices of bread, we recommend sour dough.

Taste of the sea. Slice of Rye bread with cod roe spread and sliced boiled egg on top. Fish cake on the side.

Useful and healthy ideas
♥ Remember to add a piece of fruit or sliced vegetable every day; Apple, oranges, bananas, carrots and cucumber.
♥ Replace sugary snack bars with your child’s favourite Ryvita cracker. My girls love the multiseed Ryvita.
♥ Yougurt is a great source of calcium and a lovely sweet treat. We like Yeo Valley or Rachel’s organic yogurt.
♥ Water is the best drink for thirst and health.
♥ Add an extra treat on a rainy day, like the Norwegian easy to make and tasty waffles or pancakes.

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  1. Very much loving this owl themed lunch post – thanks for the tips on style AND substance: the menu is fab too.

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