Nordic children’s fashion magazines from 1906

Sigdal Museum arranged a farmers marked today, with lots of local exhibitors, flea market, finger food and ice cream, activities such “jumping in the hay” and horse and carriage. One of the exhibitors were showing us a marvellous collection of beautiful linen, underwear and clothes. And among all the beautiful vintage embroideries I discovered a collection of vintage fashion magazines, including children’s fashion from 1906/1907! And I thought I would share the highlights with you of truly inspirational, detailed and beautiful children’s fashion design. And probably the most interesting part is that there are no information on where to buy it, only the sewing pattern on how to do it your self.

Nordisk Mönster Tidende 1906 / 1907 Photos by Little Scandinavian

The Danish magazine of 8 pages, Nordisk Mønster-Tidende, was published twice a month from 1874. Laura Aller became the first female chief editor in Scandinavia. During her 30 years she not only was the first in the Nordic countries to offer the readers subscription but also kept a high editorial standard on fashion and handmade, including articles featuring female personalities of the time in addition to inspiration on healthy food, design, interior, art and culture.
The fashion and lifestyle magazine Nordisk Mønster-Tidende was relaunched in 1952 as Femina, still a popular magazine today, making it the oldest magazine in Denmark.

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