Norwegian Summer at its best, little A at Hvaler

With a local bakery, arguably Norway’s best fishmonger and endless with orange polished rocks stretching out into the deep blue sea… What better place to spend a sunny day for the Little Scandinavian family!?!
Jumping from the rocks, swimming around, fishing crabs, freshly made fish cakes from “Fjordkroken)” (yes, the fishmonger is located on the harbour next to where the fishermen comes in) for lunch, more swimming and sunbathing -before heading for a utterly delicious dinner; catch of today, boiled shrimps. Can life get any better?


Hvaler is a municipality that is a group of islands in the southwestern part of Østfold county, Norway. Located only 30 minutes from Rygge Airport.

Fjordkroken Fresh Seafood, Utgårdskilen 4-6 1684 Vesterøy Phone 0047 69375715

Also check out this photos of the ultimate Scandinavian Summerhouse, located on Hvaler Norway.

2 thoughts on “Norwegian Summer at its best, little A at Hvaler

  1. It sounds (and looks) wonderful. Enjoy your Summer. Kell, the dogs and I are driving to Denmark for 3 weeks tonight – can’t wait!

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