Small children’s bedroom idea; Loft bed creates more space!

When faced with a small children’s bedroom you have to be creative and a loft bed might be exactly what you need to create some more space for your little one. As you may have heard, the Little Scandinavian is on the move. Our new home has two double bedrooms and one single. And it’s the single bedroom that has my attention. Little A would very much like to have this room, but I’m concerned she will not have enough space for her creative play, building her Lego and her imagintive role play. So a loft bed could be the solution. My 7 year old was thrilled when I told her about the idea, not only seeing it as a bed but a top secret den underneath the ceiling!
Milk Magazine featured a lovely loft bed sometime ago, almost in a Scandinavian style. However I think it’s a French children’s bedroom but nevertheless it’s so light and airy. The vintage ladder and fairy tale theme is also so lovely!

@ Milk Magazine

Ferm Living are renown for excellent children’s furniture and accessories. And we simply love the ladder that also creates space for your child’s books. having the bed over the door is also creating an illusion that the room is indeed more spacious.

@ Ferm Living

You can choose to buy an easy to assemble ready made loft bed, with plenty beds in all price ranges on offer. We love the loft bed from Oliver Furniture in Denmark. But I do consider having one build by measure in our case, as it will maximize use of space available. Wish us luck! We’ll be sharing the end result -as soon as the room is finished!

@ Oliver Furniture

8 thoughts on “Small children’s bedroom idea; Loft bed creates more space!

  1. Hola mi hija adora las ideas de habitaciones, tienen más fotos?


    Hi My daugther loved those bedrooms, do you have more pictures???


  2. Hi Natalie.
    I’m not sure but it looks very homemade to me. It looks like it’s build to the space, and the ladder looks vintage. It’s lovely -absolutely agree!
    Best wishes, Bianca

  3. Hi! Do you by any chance know where the lovely loft bed featured in milk magazine is from. I absolutely love it. Thank you, Natalie

  4. Hi Bianca
    My 3 years old daughter likes loft bed .but because of safety I will put a mattresss underneath to use when reading story for her or when she is sleepy before going to bed.On the same wall which is 4 meters I will put the next loft bed for the 9 years old daughter and underneath her desk .Under haif of beds the book shelves library .Is this a good idea or not?
    Thanks a lot,Rihab x

  5. Hi Rihab.
    I used to share bedroom with my sisters, and loved it. We used to have bunk beds. If sharing bedroom is a good idea depends on the children I guess. And of course, the size of your house. Loftbed for a 3 year old is perhaps a bit risky and also, for the younger children it’s a bit unpractical with high beds when reading to them at night. We’ve found it better from 6-7 years. Our 9 year old has a loft bed now, and she absolutely love it. My husband build it with a desk space underneath -and room for playing. Let me know how you get on with your project!
    Lots of love, Bianca x

  6. Stunning loft beds .they are simple ,clean and elegent .I wonder if it is good to make two loft beds for my daughters in the same room 3 years and 9 years old .or what is better to do ,please help ?

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