Polarn O Pyret anno 1976 in pictures

The Swedish fashion giant Polan O Pyret have some history to share, dating it’s business back to early 1900. The clothing production started in the 70′ and we found some photos of Polarn O Pyret’s 1976 collection! We were stunned to see that they clearly have a “winning recipe”! 35 years on and the favourite functional stripy garments are still very much the same today.

© Polarn O Pyret via Pinterest

7 thoughts on “Polarn O Pyret anno 1976 in pictures

  1. Agree, Marimekko has the same simple style. There’s clearly a resemblance. Hadn’t thought about that! x

  2. Love these photos, they look a lot like Marimekko in the 70’s. Same kind of unisex stripes.

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