Could it be… {art work discovered} Little A?

Look what popped up on my screen the other day! A beautiful piece of art illustrating my little A.

The source of inspiration, Little A in her Jumina Elf dress, captured on her 7th Birthday Ice Skating party.

Half way through the process…

And the end result!

Annika is a personal friend from Norway. We met when we were both pregnant, she expected a little boy and I was expecting Little A. We discussed names and she told me her favourite name if she would have had a girl. As she was expecting a boy I asked if I could have her favourite girl name. And so my Little A got her beautiful name. A few years later Annika finally did have her Little A too, and our two girls are now name-sisters.
Annika works full time as an artist with paintings, drawings, illustrations, assignments, books and a lot of other creative collaborations and projects. She’s a multitalent in all things creative, a wonderful mum to three children a lovely wife to her lucky husband and a fantastic friend. I don’t know how she manages it all within 24 hours a day!

If you want to know more about Annika or to see more of her art work, head over to

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