Preview Bird of Paradise for SS13 by Pale Cloud

Pale Cloud has launched their coming Spring Summer 2013 collection, just in time before all the children’s fashion trade shows and the buying season kicks off. As we haven’t seen the full collection yet, we can only assume by looking at these gorgeous campaign photos that the luxurious fabrics as printed silk and soft cashmere blends as seen in previous seasons continues and the importance of little but very feminine details and the colour palette of the soft tones that we become so fond of and that also firmly has placed Pale Cloud in the Fashion Heaven is yet again the signature style. Inspired by the 1960′ Pale Cloud are bringing evening glamour into everyday dressing with relaxed silhouettes. The collection lookbook photos was once again shot by the Norwegian photographer Sigve Aspelund, in Norway, mid May, using the same models.
We have been great fans of this brand from the very beginning, and after a week in Italy with my little girls wearing the current summer season, from playing by the beach to evenings spent in Michelin star restaurants, I really appreciate the design even more. The new collection from Pale Cloud is nothing but unique, adorable and utterly brilliant designerwear and if you are to spend any money on your daughters wardrobe a few key pieces from this collection would make an great investment. After a quick glance through the lookbook, a few of my favourites (although I might add a few pieces after seeing the collection) includes; the Alma dress, the Ethal shorts and pant, Lorraine leather belt -oh and the Jean raincoat!

© Pale Cloud SS13 photo: Sigve Aspelund

Pale Cloud Launches the Spring Summer 2013 Collection at Pitti Bimbo 75, Room 5, Apartment, by appointment. The collection will also be available to view in London, Oslo, Moscow and Seoul as well.

Lanvin sent out a picture yesterday featuring one of their dresses with a Bird of Paradise featured in the display. All of Pale Cloud prints in SS13 are designed by Marion Reynolds and feature Birds of Paradise! We know Marion have been busy with the design in the remote Pale Cloud HQ, until launch today! Is this similar print pure coincidence? Great minds think alike?

The birds-of-paradise includes forty species in 14 genera, found on the island of New Guinea. Best known for the plumage of the males of most species, in particular highly elongated and elaborate feathers extending from the beak, wings or head. For the most part they are confined to dense rainforest habitat, with the diet dominated by fruit.
The birds-of-paradise is of cultural importance to the inhabitants of New Guinea, with the trade of skins and feathers ongoing for two thousand years. The birds have been of considerable interest to Western collectors, ornithologists and writers as well. Today a number of species are threatened by hunting and habitat loss. Source: Wikipedia

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  1. Oh my word, it is sooooooooooooo amazing. I am bursting with excitement to see it at Bubble London! x

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