Pitti Bimbo Apartment, luxury lifestyles for the youngest set

The Apartment, an exclusive village of collections located in the Lyceum at the entrance to Pitti Bimbo, is a dedicated space and a art installation creating a unique sphere for those who are seeking to experience the luxury lifestyle of children’s fashion.
Apartment represents a sophisticated selection of international clothing and accessory collections, the eight edition showcases carefully selected names in children’s fashion and contemporary luxury; Amelia Milano, Leoca Paris and Pale Cloud.
The architect and designer Ilaria Marelli has created a village in the halls of the pavilion, creating alleyways and shops as visitors move from one room and collection to the next.

© Photo: Micro Macro by Ilaria Marelli for Pitti Immagine Bimbo, as featured in Plusmood.com

“Micro Macro” was the second installation by Ilaria Marelli for Pitti Bimbo, presented 25-27th June 2009.
The next Pitti Bimbo takes place in Florence, Italy 28-30th June 2012.

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