Bageriet, a Swedish Bakery in London

There are several Scandinavian eateries around London. But did you know there was a Swedish bakery too? Daniel Karlsson, originally from Gothenburg Sweden, moved to London 5 years ago. While working as Head of Pastry at Melrose & Morgan he got the idea about starting up a Swedish Bakery. Bageriet (The Bakery as it means in Swedish) was founded shortly after and was an immediate success. Daniel is strongly influenced by his heritage and is treasuring the biscuit recipes inherited from past generations, adding a contemporary twist. The result is utterly divine Swedish Treats, sweet and buttery with a hint of spices, wrapped in cellophane, making them the perfect gift. Available in Melrose & Morgan and other delis around London.

No coincidence our favourite pastry chef had to be a Swede! The Swedes are known for including pastry with their coffee break. They even have a word for it! “Fika” means having a break, an informal coffee break together, always including something to eat such as cookies or cakes.
This practice of taking a break, typically with a cinnamon roll or some biscuits or cookies is central to Swedish life.

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