Bloggers meet up at Homa in London

Being a blogger is in many ways very similar to being a freelancer, often working alone and in my case from a home office. So to have a very supportive bloggers community is invaluable. Only shame a lot of the bloggers live not only in different countries but also on different continents. So when one of my BFF blogger from Down Under showed up in London, we used the opportunity to organise a Bloggers Meet Up. Thank you to all the girls who showed up, it was lovely to finally meet Jen and a special thanks to Michelle for the great photos (only next time i’ll make sure someone will take a photo of you too!).

© Photo: Homa London and From left; Michelle, Bianca, Florence, Yanina and Jen.

About the place
Located in a town hose in the heart of trendy Stoke Newington Homa London is nothing but a lovely neighbourhood restaurant. The Italian food is superb -and beyond expectations with regards to the price level. The decor is kept simple yet warm and friendly. Lot’s of families and friends at the surrounding tables, it’s actually like hanging out in someone’s kitchen! Staff provide excellent service, yet personal and very friendly.

About the girls
Jen from Brothers Trimm was the reason for the meet up. Based in Tasmania, this was a one off opportunity to meet with the young, talented and extremely hardworking (with 2 young boys, her own blog in addition to blogging on Kids Style File) super lovely girl. Michelle, a highly creative blogger behind and owner of the unique and trendy online children’s fashion store Quirky Collcetive. Michelle’s photography and styles sense is exceptional and hugely inspirational. And on top of that she’s a bright and funny girl to hang out with! Florence is the veteran amongst us, despite her young age. Known to most of the fashion industry she runs the delightful Pirouette Blog, an endless source of inspiration for both children’s style and beautiful living. Yanina, founder and designer of the brand Aravore, no blogger but so lovely that we had to invite her along! Bianca -me, lucky to be included in this wonderful group of girls. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Bloggers meet up at Homa in London

  1. Bianca, gorgeous post, I’m still enjoying the memories. I’ll be back online properly next week. Looking forward to sharing all my holiday moments xxx

  2. Flannery, yes she did! Thank you! Next time you should come in person. 🙂
    Jarna, a supportive blogger community is fab! Let us know if you ever visit London. x
    Florence, you are so right. Chantale would fit straight in!

  3. FANTASTIC! So close and yet so far away…

    I hope Jen gave you my high-five, Bianca! You girls are all absolutely beautiful and it sounds like you had a grand time!

    Have a lovely weekend,


  4. What a meetup! Oh how I would have loved to have met all of you talented & lovely women that day. I would have left feeling refreshed, happy and inspired.

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