Must see Retro baby rain boots by Viking

We have already seen the Scandinavian Dad’s very first baby shoes. But look what we found in the attic at the ScandinavianDad’s childhood home this time around; A pair of red retro baby wellies in size European 21 from Norwegian wellington boot and rainwear specialist Viking (called Viking Footwear today). With wool inner lining, cool drawstring detail, probably from the late 70’s but still in pristine condition. And matching his bright red dungarees from once upon a time

This children’s rain boot is probably similar to the Viking Classic Winter boots sold today. The main difference is a sole with better grip and the waterproof drawstring top now in a more modern nylon material to keep them against a wet winter with snow, slush and rain. Still with a warm lining and a removable sole for quick dry. Although we can’t help liking the look and feel of the high quality 35 year old nostalgic boots slightly better.
Perhaps Viking Footwear would consider doing a Retro Classic Winter limited edition?!

@ Little Scandinavian

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