Beach life for Iglo Kids SS12

In the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean between Norway and Greenland, the volcanic island and country mainly consist of tundra with sand fields, mountains and glaciers. Iceland has a strong Norse heritage yet with a inspiration from the American continent. The Icelandic children’s fashion brand Iglo Kids has taken it’s inspiration from the colourful American beach life.

Helga Ólafsdóttir, designer at Ígló: I spent a month working and vacationing with my family surrounded by the Pacific Ocean,

The location was Hermosa Beach in Los Angeles with a short visit to Palm Springs…

Riding along the beach everyday, in awe of the colorful beach life and all the beautiful flora & fauna living in the dry soil yet so rich in color

With so much inspiration… I could play with preppy details on comfortable cotton clothing

…containing flower prints, plaids, dots and nautical stripes mixed with strong colors.

Think Californa cool, a straw hat and an ice cold lemonade. The new collection is full of happiness and magical attraction.

3 thoughts on “Beach life for Iglo Kids SS12

  1. Chantale: Love the images too. A Minika Elena feel to them, no? 😉
    The Easter break is still ongoing! lol Will return to London on the 15th.

    Vibeke: Love the dresses too -cool details and prints!

  2. I really like the old school, retro mood to these images. I can’t wait for summer. lol. Hope you had a nice Easter break!

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