HRH Crown Princess Victoria chooses Swedish design

First photo of the new baby revealed the HRH Crown Princess Victoria and her husband choosing to transport their newborn safely home from the hospital in a Swedish car seat, a base from Brio. Then only a few days later the little family was again in the news, this time out on a stroll with the baby, in a Brio pram. This confirms what we all expected and were hoping for; That HRH Crown Princess Victoria have taken a conscious choice, to promote Swedish children’s fashion and design. HRH Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is as many know a patroness for CIFF and CIFF kids and her children can often be seen in Scandinavian design. And what better ambassador than gorgeous Princess Estelle.
We are totally in love with the tiny future monarch and do hope she will love Scandinavian design as much as we do.

ยฉ Kungahuset

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