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I’ve met many a parent that’s unsure on how to dress their child for a certain occasion, how to make the most out of their children’s wardrobe, where to get hold of desired clothes and interested in fashion but doesn’t quite know where to start.
A personal shopper and stylist could be the solution, when wanting to save time and perhaps even money, with the end result being a perfect wardrobe for your child.

After completing a degree in Product Design and Technology and further qualifications in Interior Design, Kari Nyack decided to take the route into her true passion, fashion. Starting her career as a Showroom Assistant for a high-end wholesale fashion company, she then began personal styling. After styling client’s children as a sideline, this brought her to her true calling… Style My Baby London takes the stress out of shopping by bringing the perfect wardrobe to your door.

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Did you know that most people who use personal shoppers aren’t clueless, they’re just busy. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that your child has the essential wardrobe and even a few favorite garments provided by someone who knows children’s fashion, what’s in store and that will work according to your budget. Contact Kari for more information and rates.

Style My Baby London
Phone 786 803 9843
Email: info@stylemybabylondon.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Sponsor highlight: Personal Shopping by Style My Baby London

  1. Having an insider, a professional that knows exactly what you need and where to find it must be such a huge relief. With a wardrobe consisting of a variety of clothes, where there’s impulse purchases, way to many dresses, some clothes handed down and too little essential wear, it would have been great having a stylist go through it. Maybe we there’s only a small clear out needed and a few pieces added to get a complete and reinvented wardrobe for our kids?

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