Lobster Salad recipe by The Brandstroms

The BRANDstrom family’s favorite food at the moment is Lobster salad with garlic bread. We thought it sounded quite nice, and taken into the consideration that London has the great fish market Billingsgate Market where you can get hold of some very nice lobsters without having to rob the bank we thought we should share it with you!

Romaine lettuce
Roasted pumpkin seeds
cherry tomatoes
olive oil
sea salt
Grilled, fresh lobster and bread, in garlic butter!

Favorite Garlic butter:
Real Butter
lots of garlic
fresh red pepper
salt & pepper
drops of lemon juice
sweet chili sauce

The BRANDstrom family is also known for their Swedish children’s fashion brand -the Brand. Follow the Brand Blog for more kids fashion and healthy recipes!

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