Moccis, hand made Scandinavian indoor shoes

Discover the essential moccasin slippers, the Moccis. No more slipping and sliding, no more cold feet and missing socks and no more dirty shoes indoors. Each pair of Moccis are made by hand with delicate hand stitching, perfect at home, on holiday, at the nursery and at the playgroup.
With a background in fashion the London based Swede Anna Wetterlin thought it would be great fun to introduce the moccasins to the UK with her very own design. From sweet kittens to scary lions and London buses, available in baby, junior and adult sizes. Price from £18 and they ship world wide if it’s not available in your local store.

© Moccis
Moccasins is the most common indoor shoe for children in Scandinavia, and most Scandinavian children have a pair. Moccis as a brand seems to be of very good quality and fit. Both my girls wears them around the house without me asking (and this is the girls I need to fight out of their dirty school uniforms!) Little a has the cute Mr Pengy Brr and little B has the Kiss, perfect for a tween girl.
They stay on the feet and seem to be warm and snugly. The soft leather sole allows movement and at the same time ensuring a good grip on slippery floors. We love the fact that they are machine washable, and after several washes still look great. In fact, I think they will last long enough to be handed down, so well worth the price! Only obstacle is to choose your favourite!

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