Scandinavian Coffee House to New York and Tokyo

In recent years the Scandinavian countries have become destinations for culinary travellers, including those looking for coffee. Coffee plays a central role in the Scandinavian culture as an important aspect people`s social life. In Oslo we had world famous baristas and were truly spoiled by the excellent selection of coffee shops. When moving to the UK we invested in a Isomac coffee machine and the Scandinavian Dad has since shown new talents with his amazing coffee arts. Sourcing the best coffee in London is one of our favourite hobbies, from Monmouth and Taylor St Baristas to newcomers like Caravan and Department of Coffee and Social Affairs. But yet we still miss the coffee, and probably the social aspect of it, from Scandinavia.

Scandinavian Coffee House concept combines majestic nature, design inspired from proud heritage, Nordic flavours and coffee expertise. Scandinavian Coffee House wants to show their love for coffee and share the pleasure of enjoying it together.


In a collaboration with the awarded architect company Snøhetta and the designer Andreas Engesvik, the founders Kim Haagensen, Sindre Røstad and John Wuya will be opening the very first concept store, Scandinavian Coffee House in the Art Nouveau city of Alesund in Norway in May 2012, followed by New York and Tokyo in 2013. When will we see you in London?


3 thoughts on “Scandinavian Coffee House to New York and Tokyo

  1. Hi, I am an entrepreneur currently living in Trondheim but originally from Asia. I am looking for an unique concept to expand in Asia (several metropolitan cities) and find Scandinavian Coffee house quite interesting. I was trying to find a contact person from the company but I was not in luck. SCH team, please drop me an email and we can communicate further. I do speak Norwegian. email:

  2. We hope to come to London soon! But do not want to do London whitout a local partner or master franchise. Thank you for the blog post! We appreciate it!

    Best regards
    SCH team!

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