How to make your own Scandinavian Spring Decoration

The Scandinavian celebration Fastelavn the Sunday before Lent, similar to Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday, Mardi Gras and Carnival, will in 2012 be celebrated on Sunday the 19th of February. We would celebrate by baking Fastelavn Sweet Buns with cream, by having a Carnival and also by decorating our home with Fastelavnsris (originally a Norse tradition). Here is how you can make Fastelavnsris to decorate your home, symbolising the change from winter and hopes for a fruitful spring.

You will need a plain branch collected from the woodland, silk paper, feathers or fabric samples in lots of colours and a vase. Or do it the easy way, save some branches of the poor cherry tree that’s covered in snow out in the garden.

Picture source: vilmelinas liv

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