Outdoor fun in the snow with clothes by Isbjorn of Sweden

And I thought I had left Scandinavia and the arctic winter yesterday only to realise it had arrived in the UK as well while I’ve been gone. The ScandinavianDad and the girls had really enjoyed being outdoors over the weekend, and when driving up the road where we live there were literally a snowman greeting me outside each house house!
Here are a few pictures of Little A yesterday, having fun in the snow dressed properly from top to toe in premium outdoor brand Isbjørn of Sweden. (Isbjørn means polar bear in Swedish). Little A is keeping warm and dry all day wearing the 3 layers:

1. The Kiddie roundneck and pant 2. Rib Sweater and Microfleece pant 3. Padded Winter Parka and Ski Pant
She also has the Knitted Cap “Isbjorn” and the wind and waterproof winter gloves made of recycled soda bottles(!).

School’s open today, but I can’t wait for the girls to come home in the afternoon to enjoy a bit more of fun in the snow!

See our guide on how to dress in layers to keep warm and dry in the snow.

One thought on “Outdoor fun in the snow with clothes by Isbjorn of Sweden

  1. Hi there, after search for Isbjorn in the UK, I came across your blog! I’m looking to buy my son their products for our skiing holiday next Feb. Could I ask what size your daughter is wearing in the photos? My son is six and I’m a little confused by their sizing which seems to stagger age ranges? Thanks so much.

    Anna x

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