Bubble London AW12, day 1

Home after a afternoon well spent at the Trade Show Bubble London in Islington. Met with some great people in the industry, talked to some absolutely lovely retailers and agents and some very inspirational designers. Here’s a photo journal of our day.

Let me know what you would like to see tomorrow? SmĂ„folk, Otto & Ella, Jumina… Who else?

7 thoughts on “Bubble London AW12, day 1

  1. Oh how I wish I could have been there. I am loving floating from blog to blog and seeing all the snippets of beautiful clothing. So much style!

  2. Oum, oh no! Do get well soon and let me know if there’s a brand in particular you would have liked to see, and I’ll snap a few pics, especially for you my friend. Hope you’ll feel better soon! x

  3. So jealous !!! I thought a moment I could be at London at this period of the year… and then I consoled myself as being based in Paris, I will be able to visit this week-end… And guess what, I am home with the flu !!!
    Anyway, beautiful pictures and can’t wait to discover all these brands !

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