Nomess Copenhagen -storage when you need a spring-clean!

As the days gets longer and the sun is peeking through the window it’s time to have a proper spring-clean, to treat your home to some attention, care and love. With a few simple steps it’s easy to achieve a tidy and fresh living space.
1. Out with the old and in with the new. Well, not quite as drastic as it perhaps sounds, but do go through all things, especially the ones that has ‘no place to live’.
Consider giving away to charity what’s still usable and throw away what cannot be saved. Make decisions!

2. Everything in it’s place. In order to achieve that you’ll need storage. Especially with a smaller home a good storage solution is crucial. Storage like bookcases, shelves and multi functional furniture. Make the use of wall space by fitting a tall and narrow bookcase or shelving unit. Use coloured boxes to arrange books, magazines and DVD’s to keep them out of sight.
A streamlined room with masses of storage is an ideal way store all your child’s treasures and toys. Not only will it be time saving by easy access, but it will also protect the items from damage when laying about and maybe most importantly it will open up the room and create a feeling of space.

3. A family spring clean day. Organize a day, or two, where you involve the whole family.
We do a family spring-clean in our household and the girls just loves taking part. And helping out makes them even more happy with the end result.
They do anything from sorting out toys and clothes for charity to actually clean with water and soap. It’s actually quite helpful and even fun when everyone joins in.

Nomess Copenhagen is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to make order out of chaos with designed quality products and to give you control in your busy life. Nomess winning concept “a place for everything and everything in its place” it’s exactly what we need when organzing our home and giving it a well deserved spring clean!
Oh… and I think the products are rather funky too, I love both the finish, use of material and lots of colours!

Children's clothes hanger available in 8 delicious alu colours, 30 cm, 5 for DKK139 by Nomess.

Shelving units in colourful acrylic made into one bookcase, by Nomess.

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