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Blog of the week: Mum on the Run – Kaisa Larkas
About:Finnish Kaisa is married to a British hunk and is a young mother of three little children (that drive her insane on a regular basis). The family have settled down in Buckinghamshire after many years as an urban couple in the inner city of London. She’s a freelance journalist, and writes for magazines like the Finnish Elle. But in this instance more importantly she’s a blogger, that blogs about fashion, beauty, fitness and lifestyle. Despite only having blogged for a few months she’s experiencing a rather encouraging growth in the audience. No wonder -the Nordic healthy lifestyle is more trendy than ever!

Why we like: Finns’ humor is dry, dark, cynical, silly, sarcastic and sometimes juvenile. Kaisa is no exception and we love it! Her unpretentious daily updates and in particular the kids style posts featuring real children is among the reasons why we keep coming back. We also like the fact that a working mum of three very young children still finds the time and energy to look after herself, showing us that we all can be both fit, healthy and even a fashionista.

Little Scandinavian met Kaisa Larkas at our favourite coffee place in London, The Department for Coffee and Social Affairs
And we were curious to know… What are your wishes for the future?
I have so many ideas and plans work wise but on a more personal level, I hope that one day I might live back in Helsinki near my mum, dad, brother and his family. We see each other often but it would be nice to live closer, especially now that I have a super cute nephew who is only 5months old!

What is the next step for the blog?

I’ve only been blogging for about four months so I’m completely new to this whole thing and am learning things as I go along… The site will be changing a little bit soon though as I’m adding a whole new fitness aspect to it.

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