Scandinavian Cabin; One family shares 118 square feet

In only 11 square meters or approximately 118 square feet a family of four spends their weekend and holidays together, not far from Trondheim in Norway. The Norwegian architect couple Anne Lise Bjerkan and Bendik Manum wanted to build a cabin with little need of maintenance and that would be easy to heat up. The concept of small cabins like this is very popular in Scandinavia at the moment and in line with the ´simple life´ and less is more trend.

With functional interior solutions they’ve really maximised the few square meters available into a comfortable and cosy cabin for the family. There’s 3 beds and a small double bed, some service as sitting area around the dining table during daytime with storage underneath the beds. There’s a fireplace and a small cooker and a rack for drying wet socks after the ski trip. A few yards away from the cabin you’ll find a small annex with a toilet and storage for skis and fire logs. There’s no electricity and water is collected by a nearby small river. The cabin is build of reusable materials and are biodegradable.

Build according to old Scandinavian tradition this log cabin is serving as an ideal base for an active family holiday, the perfect getaway place from a busy everyday life, where spending time with the family and enjoying the fantastic nature on the doorstep is in focus. If we had the chance, I would pack our woolen underwear, skis and Monopoly in an instant!

© Photo by Bendik Manum. Source: Dagbladet.

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