Congratulations to the most innovative store, Normann Copenhagen!

Little Scandinavian congratulates Normann Copenhagen flagship store with the award for most innovative small independent retailers. We’d imagine the competition was hard in such a trendsetting and creative country as Denmark, so well done! And best of luck in the world wide final in Chicago in March 2012. Little Scandinavian look forward to visit you in February!

“We want Normann Copenhagen to be an ongoing source of inspiration for our visitors 24/7. As an example, we design a new window display every evening” Peter Elmegaard, Retail Director and co-owner.

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4 thoughts on “Congratulations to the most innovative store, Normann Copenhagen!

  1. It looks very inspirational. Yes, will go to Copenhagen 2-5th February. Official blogger for CPH Kids -but hope to see CIFF too. 🙂

  2. We where the in September and I must say that this is such a fantastic store that we just sat there dreaming for a while.

    The store setting is amazing….

    Will you be there for the CPH and CIFF?

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