Happy Holidays and have a Peaceful Romjul

In Norway the week between Christmas and New Years Eve is called Romjul. In earlier centuries Norway celebrated Christmas from the 24th of December with Christmas eve to 6th of January and the Holy three Kings day. Romjul were the days from the Holy Christmas days until January 6th. The vikings used to call it rúmheilagr (“less holy holiday”) + jól (“Christmas”) in the old Norse language. Nowadays most of the celebration lasts only until New Years Eve and January 1st.

Romjul is a time for peace and quiet at home with time off from work and schools are closed. It is a quiet time of Christmas with shops being closed or with very limited opening hours. Romjula is a time most often spent with the family, spent with reading or boardgames indoors and walks outdoors for fresh air and reflection. Many families go skiing and sledging and also enjoy their holiday at their mountain cottages, where also New Years Eve is celebrated.

We are enjoying some quiet time in London this year, with Romjul lunches and dinners with family and friends, walks around the city’s many parks and indoor activities such as reading, playing boardgames with the girls and so on. The Christmas tree and all the decoration is still up and we are doing our very best to finish both the Christmas food and cookies… And then going for more walks!

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