Welcome to the Hotel… IKEA!

The Swedish furniture giant IKEA has released their plans for a IKEA hotel in Malmö, Sweden. IKEA will be moving their HQ to Malmö and will use the opportunity to build not only a IKEA shopping centre but also a 100 rooms hotel on the site as well. The hotel and the rooms will be a great way of showcasing the IKEA lifestyle, the prices will most likely be on a budget level and we presume the restaurant will be serving Swedish IKEA meatballs?!

A model of the new building project by IKEA. The hotel is apparently the building on the left side.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hotel… IKEA!

  1. I think this is a very forward thinking approach from the great budget brand. IKEA have led the way with flat packed furniture and now this will take their product showcasing to a new level. Just not sure British brands will be quite so forward thinking!!

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