Are Norwegian babies born with skis?

Norway is a unique skiing and snowboarding destination, being the birth place to modern alpine skiing. The Norwegians are very proud of their skiing heritage, often stating that Norwegian babies are born with skis on their feet! Little Scandinavian went on holiday to find out!
What we found: Norwegian babies are not born with skis, but eager to get out into the slopes even at the tender age of 8 months. Little Bi wearing fair isle knit baby grow by Ugly Children’s Clothing in the Marius pattern a classic Norwegian knit style, designed by Unn Søiland Dale, and named after the Alpine skier Marius Eriksen. Wool tights to spin around in and skis not quite the right size yet, inherited from Little A and ready for use in a couple of years from now.

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  1. It is! Really family friendly, if you stay clear of the Christmas Party season (late November to Christmas).

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