Everyday life -on the way to ‘happily ever after’!

Blog of the week: Flannery O’Kafka
About: Flannery O’Kafka is a alter-ego and the name this blogger use when melancholy merry-making. This generally means when she’s busy drawing with a sewing machine, photographing puddles, dressing her kids in ill-fitting clothing and finding black comedy in unlikely places. She’s a mum to five children and one husband, using her blog to share her everyday life on the way to happily ever after.

Why we like: Raw and honest photos combined with a good portion of humor and self irony is like a fresh breath in the world of the blogosphere. This is a experienced mum, a talented photographer and a very creative lady living up North in Scotland. A blog worth reading for all of us that wants a reminder about the real world and the little things in life. Because everyday life is what happens to you while you’re busy planning the future. Quote Flannery O’Kafka “Hat: Ada Ada, Leggings: Ada Ada, Coat: Her big sister wore it 14 years ago (…actually from K-mart), Almond-shaped eyes: Dad’s Norwegian genes, Down-turned mouth: probably from me”

© Flannery O’Kafka

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