Testing, testing… Isbjörn of Sweden!

From the cold North we tend to know what we are looking for in terms of outerwear for the colder months. Above all is the technical features: You should stay warm and dry, it should be breathable and lightweight, not too baggy but still spacious enough to leave some room for that hot air that will keep you warm and allow you to move freely. Jackets and coats should zip up around the neck, hats should cover the ears, we are looking for details like taped seams and gaiters.
Gorgeous design in recycled material is regarded as a bonus -which happens to be the case with our new discovered outerwear brand, previously Nanook, Isbjörn of Sweden.
This is top of the range outerwear (although surprisingly affordable with this level of quality) for children that loves sport and playing outdoors. We think this is the perfect brand for Little A who loves sledging, is a keen skier and in general a active child. With a complete 3 layer system, layer 1 next to skin, layer 2 insulation and layer 3 padded (or shell) program from this Swedish children’s outdoor clothing brand -we can’t wait! Bring on ice and snow!

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