Scandinavian Christmas Fairs in London 2011, part lll

Located in leafy Hampstead the Danish KFUK is hosting the annual Danish Christmas Basar. We went along this weekend and stocked up on what we needed and probably a bit more.
What we had: Danish bright red hot-dog and bread.
What we bought: Christmas tree candle lights and holders, Christmas decoration, Advent Calendar gifts, nostalgic gift cards, spruce wreath for our homemade Advent Candle holder and a stem wood vase that can be used as a candle or a pencil holder.

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2 thoughts on “Scandinavian Christmas Fairs in London 2011, part lll

  1. Mmmm – Danish hot dogs! But were they as good as you eat in Denmark? I had the best hot dog ever in Copenhagen (and the best open sandwich, toasted sugared nuts, waffles with ice cream, prawns in lobster sauce with dill soured-cream etc etc etc!) Would love to be in Copenhagen right now…

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