Last minute: Make your own Scandi Chic Advent Calendar

Only a few days left to the 1st of December but still time to make a homemade Scandi Chic Advent Calendar for the family.
What we find particular nice with this one is that when your children bring home their Christmas Decoration from school there’s a place to hang it up! Also, when emptied on the day the cones can also be saved for the Christmas tree decoration on the 23d of December, and then be filled with home made sweets and treats and be very decorative on the Christmas tree. So in addition to being reusable and multifunctional this homemade Advent Calendar is also unbelievable chic and decorative.

The base: From the forest a large branch
The parcels: Nostlagic old style, easy homemade cones, filled with sweets and small toys.

© Foto: Siri Møller

Also, do check out the handmade affordable branch pendant over at decor8blog by the Swedish blogger Anna-Malin Lindgren

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