Knits for AW11, Ugly Children’s Clothing with Marius in merino wool

The most popular knit style for this season must be the Marius knit series from the Norwegian brand Ugly Children’s Clothing. The Marius series is based on the traditional and well known Norwegian Marius knit recipe originally designed in 1953.

We simply love the relaunch of this knit pattern, now available in everything from sweaters, dresses and jumpsuits to accessories like hats and scarfs. Prices from €30 for a scarf up to €99 for a hooded jacket. For babies and children up to 6y. Shop Ugly online

© Ugly Children’s Clothing

And did you see the latest “protest” themed window display by Ugly Children’s Clothing from the TING shop in Oslo?

"No to Christmas Dinner - Yes to Christmas Sweets!" - "Father Christmas is a fake"

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  1. The Marius knit series from the Norwegian brand Ugly Children’s Clothing is very comfortable to wear.Kids really enjoy the stylish clothing.I like your blog .keep sharing more information about the children wear.

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