Stockholm in ‘Top 10 cities for 2012’ by Lonely Planet

After globe-trotting research and fierce debate, the travel experts at Lonely Planet have chosen their favourite cities for 2012.
In 5th place we found the Swedish capital, Stockholm. This is what Lonely Planet said:

“This is as seductive a capital city as can be imagined, cosy yet cosmopolitan, willfully alternative and effortlessly picturesque. With its trendy design shops and bohemian bars, the island of Södermalm is one of the coolest kids on the block, while the stately parks of Djurgården make it the best island for an evening stroll. Admittedly Stockholm has never been a cheap date. But even if Stockholm leaves you with a lighter wallet, you’ll inevitably still leave it with a heavy heart.”

Landmarks of Stockholm

Stockholm is only 2,5 hour flight from London. Plan your Scandinavian city break via the official tourist guide

3 thoughts on “Stockholm in ‘Top 10 cities for 2012’ by Lonely Planet

  1. we used to live in stockholm for a number of years. it is my fav place in the world. i just wrote a city guide for babyccino kids! it was tricky to edit down, there are so many fantastic things to do and see. x

  2. Now this is definitely one of the places I would love love to bring my girl to visit with me! Gorgeous photos..

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