Review: Monster High Fashion Dolls, by Little B

Do we buy toys for our children because we think they will like them or because we like it!? I spoke with Little Red Stuga the other day, on Twitter. And they said “As a designer for children it’s one of the biggest challenges! The goal should be to keep both (adult and child) happy and satisfied.” I think that’s so true. I’ve done the mistake myself, buying my children lovely toys that I liked. I got a lovely wooden baby tricycle that Little B never played with. And when the grandparents showed up with a similar type, only in brightly coloured plastic, my toddler was over the moon. With this in mind, I asked Little B if she wanted to do a review for us.

What: Monster High Fashion dolls by Mattel, an American line of fashion dolls by Garrett Sander based on the illustrations by Kelly Riley. Released in 2010 and has since then become popular around the world, also in Scandinavia.

What Little B (age 9) thinks: I know mummy doesn’t like these, but my little sister and I think they are cool. My little sister has the Lagoona Blue and I have the Clawdeen Wolf. We both like mine best… The good thing about these dolls is that they are monsters, so they sleep while we are at school and then they are awake in late afternoon when we get back home from school. We use all our other barbie toys like the house and furniture, accessories and some clothes when we play with the monster dolls. Recommended age for the fashion dolls 6-10 years
I also read the book, the first Monster High Book by Lisi Harrison. It’s about a high school where some students are monsters and some are human. But the humans don’t know about the monsters because they disguise themselves as humans. And these monsters are not horrible at all, they just want to fit in. If you want to know if the humans find out who their class mates really are, read the book! Recommended reading age 9-12 years, based on the high school content and the length of the book.

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2 thoughts on “Review: Monster High Fashion Dolls, by Little B

  1. Thank you for your comment. I agree with the similarity to Bratz. Only my girls were never into Bratz. And that these dolls are a true inspiration for Halloween -that’s for sure! Wish you a lovely weekend Chantale. x

  2. This post caught my eye. My daughter has gotten into Monster High dolls and has the Draculaura one. She is also dressing up as Frankie Stein for Halloween! These dolls remind me of the Bratz dolls, made up to look like monsters. The only thing I can say is.. at least it shows that you can’t judge a ‘character’ by it’s covers. As my daughter also has told me, much the same as yours, “she’s not a monster, she is really nice”. The more novelty and plastic the toy, the better my kid and her friends seem to love them.

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