Norlie offers FREE shipping this week

Norlie has decided to extend their offer with FREE shipping on all orders this week as well. See our favourite picks here or go to the online shop Last week little Princess Isabella of Denmark was spotted wearing the Norlie Poncho, a perfect garment for cold and crisp autumn days. Also available at Scandinavian Minimall, with free shipping this week.

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6 thoughts on “Norlie offers FREE shipping this week

  1. Hi Jeanette. So many have asked for this! I will see if I can get hold of more information on where to get the pattern. Bare with me. Best wishes, Bianca

  2. Interested in getting pattern for poncho worn by Princess Isabella so can knit one for my granddaughter

  3. Niki; Norlie is really gorgeous. If you want to get your children timeless, high quality and lovely clothes -that’s the brand.
    Marie: If your daughter resembles Princess Isabella you must have a gorgeous daughter! I think both her and her siblings all look so content, healthy and beautiful.

  4. I am stunned at this picture – Princess Isabella looks EXACTLY like my daughter! My daughter is almost 8 now, but a couple of years ago, this really could have been her! I’m amazed at the likeness….

  5. Clothes fit for a princes are certainly good enough for my little girls! Thank you for the info, I will be checking out their website!

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