Little Scandinavian blogging for CPH kids

CPH Kids has invited Little Scandinavian to be this seasons guest blogger for the the trade show in Copenhagen featuring kids fashion and design Autumn Winter 2012 collections.

About: CPH kids was born in autumn 2009 on request of some of the leading brands in Denmark. We never neglect our motto of “ defining the future”- and we pursue the wish to inspire all- guests and exhibitors to become ambassadors for a good, healthy, sustainable and creative childhood. CPH kids has also become a nest for new upcoming brands and designers from all over the world, which makes every visit an inspiration!

Little Scandinavian will from now on share our news monthly on the CPH Kids Blog and we will also do live tweeting and daily blog posts from the fair in February, covering trends, happenings, brands and lots of other interesting stuff. We are so excited to be teaming up with the CPH Kids team!

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