Autumn is upon us -gorgeous children’s wool hats by HUTTEliHUT

Since 2003, HUTTEliHUT created children’s wool products, especially known for gorgeous design, high quality fabrics and a unique fit. HUTTEliHUT is a Danish design label that bases their products on Nordic heritage. The woolen children’s hats are produced by wool with a soft cotton lining, making them both comfortable, warm and water resistant.
The look book images for the Autumn Winter 2011 collection is a Scandinavian collaboration between HUTTEliHUT, Bisgaard Sko, Lanugo and Lady Marmalade to create complete outfits. HUTTIliHUT is not yet available in the UK…

© photographed by Birthe Vembye for HUTTEliHUT

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  1. Mrs Paddington: That’s a good point! I’ve emailed them to get some more information regards to the fur. I’ll post the answer here.

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